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Simplify privacy and information security management with the CyberManager P-ISMS

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Tailored "In Control" and manage your compliance

Governance from one integral management system

The CyberManager P-ISMS system is an integrated solution for information security and privacy and is based on a risk-driven approach. The CyberManager comes with specific dashboards and reports that are tailored to an Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Privacy Information Management System (PIMS). This makes it ideally suited for organizations that want to achieve ISO 27001, ISO 27701 or similar certifications or that have to comply with specific standards and laws and regulations such as the GDPR.

Quick and easy implementation

The implementation is simple and fast. After a short implementation instruction or based on our implementation manual, you can start to check the settings and fill the system with your data based on our 3 step plan.


Turn-key solution, so you can start right away

We deliver the system almost ready-made with the template measures required for your organization. These measure are already linked to the standards frameworks that you purchase from us. All you have to do is assign the measures to those responsible and then write them specific to your organization. If you want help with this, or with safeguarding these measures in your organization, our implementation partners may be of service to you.

Save time and costs through fast implementation

We have designed our functionality and templates in such a way that everyone can use them and the implementation can often be carried out independently. Time-consuming and expensive processes are therefore no longer necessary and an ISO 27001 certification can be achieved in a relatively short period of time. If you still need help with the implementation, or with securing these measures in the organization, our implementation partners can be of service to you.

The success of our customers is what drives us

Many of our customers have obtained their ISO / NEN certifications with the help of our software or have been able to demonstrate compliance with relevant laws and regulations to regulators. These audits (onsite and online) were carried out by, among others, certification bodies such as BrandCompliance, Digitrust, TUV, KIWA, BSI or, for example also regulators.

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Accelerate your ISMS implementation and ISO certification!

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Accelerate your risk management and standard implementation with the CyberManager P-ISMS!

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